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At the Web Cam Registry, you will find a vast assortment of camera images from around the globe.

This site does not own the cameras or camera images displayed. We simply provide links to cameras or images generated by their respective owner(s).

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    Camera Counts

    There are currently 4,610 camera listings in our database. We are always adding more cameras as they are discovered. The following is a breakdown of our camera list:

  • Live Cameras (1686)
  • Semi-Live Cameras (0)
  • (2924)
  • Note: 'Semi-Live' camera images are snapshots that are refreshed on some unknown frequency. Most of the traffic camera images are semi-live. Traffic cameras are grouped so that you search by state or region. Traffic cameras will usually refresh every 1-5 minutes.

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    Desktop Software

    Our "Web Cam Portal" application allows you to add cameras directly from Web Cam Registry website or with manual entries from cameras you find yourself. You can also add cameras you own (if supported by the application).

    Once you have added your cameras to the application, the display will continually refresh the camera snapshot.

    1. You can always come back to the web site and view your favorite camera photos.


    2. You can download and install our "Web Cam Portal" software to view your cameras.

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    Feel free to add a Web Cam!

    Some Live Photos

    City New Jersey, USA

    Store in East Kazakhstan


    Laundromat in Japan

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    Tour The World!

    Search our cameras and see what interesting things you can find.

  • Check out the landcape and beautiful scenery from other countries.
  • Check traffic conditions near you.
  • Find shopping, animals, airports, and lots more...

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    Create Your Own Collection

  • Create your account quickly and easily.
  • See a camera you like? Add it to your profile by clicking on located under the image of each camera's.
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    Sample vs. Live Snapshots

    Obtaining photos from some cameras are delayed due for various reasons. Reasons could include a slow connection to the Internet, the camera is slow to respond, or for other reasons.

    To help you have a better experience, the default view of our camera listings, we provide you a sample snapshot taken form the cameras. If you find a camera that you want to see a current photo, you can request a live snapshot.

    If you add a camera to your 'My Web Cam' list, all photos will display live snapshots of your seleced cameras.

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